Layby Leak

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Layby Leak

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This morning on the way to work whilst driving down the busy bypass I noticed an articulated lorry parked up in one of the layby on the opposite side of the road.

At the side of the lorry just past the cab I noticed a man wearing a polo shirt and combat trouser with a muscular build.

I could see he had both hard around the vital place and it was obvious he was having a pee.

As I passed the lorry I could see his feet and a puddle which was quite large formed in front of him. He must have been near the end of his pee and he certainly looked like he needed it.

As always I wonder what the circumstances were which led up to this public pee.

I wonder was he not allowed to use the toilet at his last delivery drop off or was the journey to his final destination taking longer than planned and he just couldn't hold it any more without risking an accident in his cab.

It looked like a powerful jet that he was releasing as I drove past.

I love these type of sightings
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