Pee Blocking

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Pee Blocking

Post by bobbob »

I've just remembered an incident that happened a while ago and wondered if any other members had any similar experiences (as either party).

I used to work at a transport interchange. One day I spotted a middle-aged man smoking behind a bus that was waiting in the station. Although outside the main building, smoking wasn't permitted here. I advised the man, he'd need to go outside the station area to smoke.

I walked him back to the door of the station, then observed him go back outside to the bus bays to the end of the station and disappear behind the cleaners hut. I assumed he was still smoking and a bit annoyed I followed him.

When I got behind the hut, the guy was unzipped and about to start pissing against the boundary fence. Surprised, I asked what he was doing. He immediately put himself away. No wee had hit the ground yet, but I genuinely reckon he'd have been too far gone in the process and they'd have been some dribble in his trousers!

If he'd been a bit younger and more attractive, I may have waited a bit longer before making my presence known!

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Re: Pee Blocking

Post by Fred »

Years ago I had a fellow cutting some trees behind the barn on my property, and at one point I went out to see how much he had done. I caught him by the back wall of the barn in mid-pee, and he hastily retracted - leaving a distinct wet spot on his jeans. He started to apologize, but I interrupted and I apologized at told him it was fine with me. But he wanted to show me what he had cut and ask about some other small trees, so either he had finished (in his jeans) or just held the rest for later.

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Re: Pee Blocking

Post by Def123 »

Late one evening while I was out walking the dog I came round a corner in the wooded area of our park and there was a runner stood facing me with his dick out, over the top of his shorts in mid flow.

He saw me and immediately put it away and ran off (before I could say “carry on mate!”), I distinctly remember he was still pissing as it went back over his waistband into his shorts! He must have had quite the wet patch in his boxers.

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