Film Desde Alla (From Afar)

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Film Desde Alla (From Afar)

Post by bodgyuk »

I've just watched this film. I enjoyed it, but the ending was so open and out of the blue, that it has left me feeling unsatisfied.

Don't get me wrong I like films that are 'bitter/sweet' and don't have sugary endings, but on this occasion there was no apparent (to me) clue to the reasoning for the ending. It is obviously left up to the viewer to decide the motive.

If anyone else has seen the film, I'd welcome your thoughts on the motivation of the protagonist. I can think of some, but the film does not give enough evidence to make me feel comfortable with my 'diagnoses'.

If anyone here is currently bopping around Australia, you can see the film on the SBS 32 film channel 'on demand'.
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