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Re: The Master Video List

Post by Fred »

greatwater wrote:
07 Feb 2020, 03:52 American Footballers' talk about their desperation
Some of these macho men feel that they just have to hold it. To some extent I think the fellow who suggested thinking of something else "and it just goes away" is sort of right. A beer-drinking evening with some of these guys could prove to be interesting.

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Re: The Master Video List

Post by Yannn »

Fred wrote:
10 Mar 2020, 02:34
bodgyuk wrote:
07 Mar 2020, 05:34
I wish they had filmed a clearer shot and maybe any desperation. No explanation as to why he may have had an accident.
Easily explained. They were in an area with no obvious public rest rooms. They guy no doubt had been sampling the local beverages and couldn't see any rest rooms, so he tried to hold it until he got back to the hotel. When traveling in underdeveloped areas with few facilities, it's very common for tourists to depend on returning to the hotel periodically to pee. I've done that myself. But this hunky fellow, full of testosterone, thought he could hold it.
I think that because he was wearing swim short who was probably still wet from the sea he just didn't care and pissed himself to make his wife laugh. I'm pretty sure he was able to hold more. :)

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Re: The Master Video List

Post by Skikid2010 » This is this is from 2013! how have we not found it yet!

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Re: The Master Video List

Post by Fred »

Skikid2010 wrote:
18 Mar 2020, 18:13 This is this is from 2013! how have we not found it yet!
I gather that he is in the habit of having a full bladder when he takes his stroll. So he's "one of us"! :o

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Re: The Master Video List

Post by zsrh2002 »

Found this one of a DJ in Australia

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Re: The Master Video List

Post by Fred »

zsrh2002 wrote:
20 Mar 2020, 01:38
Found this one of a DJ in Australia
Playing "hold it" seems to be a popular game among young men, and wearing a wee alarm is a clever way to monitor control. For anyone who is on the air or online for several hours at a time, holding pee is probably a common practice.

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Re: The Master Video List

Post by Sam70 »

Perhaps. he loves the thrill of holding it while on the air and kept pressing his luck each day until this day when he pressed his luck a bit too much. I wonder if the producers there really meant that they wanted him to piss his pants. Rather, what was meant was that there was not going to be a piss break for him so please settle down.

Settling down may not have been an option. When he settled down, he may have truly lost control of his bladder.

Or, perhaps, he is one that enjoys doing this His masters, the producers, said to sit still even if that means pissing your pants. He was given an opportunity to do out a scene that he wanted to act out!

He is a bit more adventurous than me. I would have been like the weather man who bolted from the camera! My fear would be that the camera might accidentally and perhaps on purpose dip the view down long enough for the entire audience to see my clearly pissed in pants!

I would not have set behind my office desk and done that because I was in a long protracted meeting with the expectation that I could get out of that situation gracefully. A request to get up and go to some remote area or even get up to view the plans on the table, etc would present such problems.

On the other hand, the producers are not going to screw up a favorite actor's career by doing that. The first person laid off would be that cameraman or person who told the cameraman to show the pissed in pants!

I can't help but wonder if he got into this situation on purpose. Perhaps, he didn't mean to actually piss his pants, but he did stop the movements on camera and he did piss his pants. I suspect that we are giving credit where credit isn't due.

I suspect that he was in the last stages of desperation. When he stopped his movements, he truly lost control of his bladder!

Perhaps the producers were aware of that and that is why they did only chest up just in case.

Could it be that he had done this before and the producers were tired of it and decided to require him to stage on stage and if he couldn't hold it, to piss his pants.

I wonder if he did this again on that show! Probably not. That would set off alarms that he would not want to be answered!

Question: When did the general public know about this and when did they know it? And who told them?

I would love to see this rerun of that episode!

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Re: The Master Video List

Post by greatwater »

The man looks really desperate. I quite like his cute face too!
"What a relief! I thought I was gonna wet myself at the interview!"
"Damn the traffic! Been holding for about three hours!"
"Here we go! Ahhhhhhh Amazing piss!"

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Re: The Master Video List

Post by Sam70 »

quilsq wrote:
25 Oct 2016, 02:17

Guy has to pee while on the road. One of my favorite clips.
This is a classic for sure and one that I really do enjoy watching. It hits all my buttons!

In the real world I have been in charge of road trips that have lasted about a week covering several decades of time. When a person is responsible for a large group of people, things that arouse us must be left at home and not appear on the trip. Perhaps a vehicle with five or less mates that are really good friends and no one of them is in charge of another mate, this can be different. A designated driver is not really in charge of other people like an employer or a police officer.

Once a person is in charge of other people, they must act in a professional manner. Every time I see a video like this I have to wonder how the driver would let a situation get to this point unless there truly was no exit available and no way to stop due to being on an express lane where there are no shoulders, the traffic is bumper to bumper and everyone is traveling 75 miles an hour!

Still, someone pissing out the window of a van is going to attract more attention than someone pissing by the side of a van or into a large enough bottle to hold it all.


I explained at the beginning of the trip that we would plan to stop about every two hours. I would try to stop at places where ten to twenty five people could get in and out of the public toilets quickly! I added that if someone were to develop an emergency that they should alert the person in charge and/or the driver and to not wait until they were very desperate. We often had more than one vehicle. I added that it would be the person in desperation that would find the place to stop and tell the driver where and when to stop.

Most trips I never had to stop once that wasn't a planned stop. Federal guidelines concerning the use of the toilet for employees calls for the employee to be given a toilet break every two hours or the employee can use the toilet when it is needed. To me, this procedure works very well most of the time for road trips as well. (In some situations that needed toilet is farther away than the employee would like it to be!)

Unless the driver is a mate of equal stature and this desperation scene is enjoyed by all including the mate who needs the toilet desperately, the driver should not drive by places with a public toilet while a person in the group is urgently needing the toilet.

When one of the mates drinks too many beers and passes up a chance to take a piss and is laughing about his predicament as much as anyone else, then it may be fine if a driver passes by the public toilets. Every one in the vehicle is laughing hysterically as the mate pisses his pants. These would have to be a case by case decision.

However, if it is a situation where the person in need of a toilet would be embarrassed greatly, a driver or person in charge of the group should not drive past places to use the toilet. The mate might even be very embarrassed that others in the vehicle are aware of how bad the mate needs to go. Also, pain has to be considered. There are some people who say they are experts that requiring someone to hold their urine, on purpose, to the point of pain is engaging in corporal punishment. I know of no legal cases where this has been the standard.

Again there is a way to avoid the vast majority of these situations,when there is a person in charge over the others is doing a great job of planning the trip and putting in times that public toilets are available at appropriate times.

[passage removed here - no sexual references in General and Open please]

Like some others here, I take each true story on a case by case situation. Some of them are very hot while others are not only not hot, I get angry at the person in charge for his actions.

There is a world wide read story of a lad going to see his favorite team play in London and gets very desperate. Then someone pulls the emergency cord on the public transportation causing there to be a long delay.

There are police on that train/tube. I get very angry at them, not at the teller of the story, when I read that true story. There was nothing that they could have done except given permission to pull "it" out and piss on the floor. The police would have lost their jobs and perhaps fined if they had given permission for a mate to pull it out and piss on the floor.

The police could have been more sympathetic. As officers of the Crown, they owed the mate their sympathies and if there was a better solution they would provide it. The police should not have been smirking about it. Had I been there and could have written down their names of officer numbers, I would have reported them for lack of professional conduct. This is not how officers should treat people for which they have the responsibility to keep them safe and sound.

It is OK for us to be aroused by these videos. Once that one sentence says that it is OK. It takes several paragraphs for me to defend that statement at least to my satisfaction!

We aren't the ones that did this to the person who is about to piss his pants. That allows for us to be aroused by true stories because we have absolutely no part in the story.

I am proud of my record of organizing trips for about a week for about 10 to 25 people. The number of people happen to be about that number for the people that are interested in going on these road trips during the summer or vacation time.

In more times than not, there was not a request to pull over early. A few times we did take that pee break for all a few minutes early. Often, if I mentioned that we were planning to stop in 15 or so minutes. that was fine. Some people want to make sure that their needed request is made early enough to avoid great pain or embarrassment. I can count on one hand the number of times that we had to stop for someone to find a tree to pee or have several hold up several large blankets to give some privacy to a person, usually a female.

Sadly, one one trip, I made the mistake of getting in the express lane which had no exits or entrances. I was already looking for a place to stop in a downtown of one of the US's largest metro areas. I should have stopped earlier before we got to that point even though it had not been two hours. For some reason, I had let it slip my mind that finding public toilets for a group of 25 was not going to be an easy assignment when every building was a skyscraper. There were McDonald's and other fast food joints tucked in there somewhere, but where inside those tall buildings of a city we were not familiar.

When I realized my mistake of getting into that fast express lane, there was no way to get out. That lane, which was 75 miles, was one way from the suburbs in the AM to one way back to the suburbs in the pm. I believe the change was made around eleven to one. It ticked me off a bit that while out on the country side with little traffic, the police made sure no one went over 70 miles per hour. On this express lane it was bumper to bumper and we were going 75 miles an hour, bumper to bumper! I don't know what would happen if someone had a flat tire or their car broke down. There was less than two feet on each side of the vehicle. There were temp barricades that lead me to believe that this was a temporary arrangement and a more permanent solution was being built at the time!

For once, there were no public toilets to appear on the scene. Not only were there no trees, there was no space to pull over at all. To try to stop would have stopped the traffic as there wasn't enough space there for two vehicles to park beside each other.

Being from a primarily rural area, I almost had an accident of the other function we don't discuss here driving down that express lane! I digress there. Back on topic!

We had only been on this express lane five minutes when the urgent request was made. When the circumstances were explained the person started crying. That hour is one that has haunted me since then.

Having to open a suitcase at a place with a public toilet an hour later to retrieve clean clothes is an unpleasant memory. I did gather everyone who was standing around that this most likely happens to at least one person every day. With 80,000 people traveling 70 miles plus the miles from where they got on the expressway would result in several accidents. I would guess at least 30 extra minutes for most of the commuters.

At my request, no one said a word right then and we went about letting everyone use the toilets once that person came out. I asked that true personal friends talk about it with the person in private and out of view of the entire group.


I have come to the conclusion that when someone in charge or the driver himself has refused to stop for a person who is desperate and has set up this situation to happen may be guilty of [no sexual references please]. (A bunch of equal lads drinking loads of beer in a vehicle with a designated driver don't really count. Those lads are equals and they don't really care!) *

I have grave reservations about the professionalism for people who are in charge who are "above" the others, similar to a boss to his 10 to about 25 employees, to refuse to stop and put people in the situations that some of these people are in from time to time.

[no sexual references please]

My experience tells me that it should be rare. not common, for leaders in charge to get into circumstances where someone under their charge gets into a situation where they are desperate and there is no place to take care of their need. Proper planning can avoid most of these situations.

However, if I felt like it was my fault that a person was in extreme desperation or was actually having an accident because I missed a chance to pull over, etc. I would feel greatly embarrassed as I would consider what happens as being my fault! I would consider this to be a failure on my part as being the person in charge of others.

There is a very critical difference between my night club experience and a driver/person in charge using his power to assault other people to the point of humiliation. (Read "My Experience of Desperation as a Lad" that I am going to post to learn of my night club experience.)

Since this guy in this video was this desperate to piss, why didn't the driver pull over onto the hard shoulder or why didn't someone give him a large enough bottle to piss in? Any modesty that the guy had with the others in that van was lost when he stood there pissing in the wind for the world to see and also having the police to pull over the van for a chat with the driver and the pisser?

This was a bunch of mates traveling. So yes this vid is hot, very hot to watch several times with more views to come over time!

Had this been a vid of a team traveling, with the coach being an ass. passing up one public toilet after another, I would get angry viewing it.

There is a very clear difference in two very different causes and circumstances when someone gets very desperate or even has an accident.

Several members have made comments concerning these issues. I hope that I have added some perhaps needed clarity on these subjects.

I wonder how many members here who basically agree with me.

*MY EXPERIENCE WITH DESPERATION AS A LAD is a stand alone account that ties in with this post. I believe it deserves a post of its own. It is under the title of "My Experience with Desperation as a Lad"

I plan to paste this already written experience after I post this one.
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Re: The Master Video List

Post by Chikita »

I feel sorry for the guy's car but can only imagine what a close call that was.

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