Spam filtering: Please report any problems you experience

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Spam filtering: Please report any problems you experience

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Our site owner Tytn has engaged Spam filtering today in order to tackle the large quantity of unwanted postings which our site receives.

This is obviously welcome but it can have unintended adverse consequences if it's too liberal in it's interpretation of what "spam" is. Naturally the last thing we want to do is curtail people's enjoyment of the site by wrongly rejecting genuine postings. Or personal messages on the site for that matter.

If you experience a posting or message being wrongly rejected and not appearing on the site, could you please let any of the staff team know? Either by contacting us privately or by posting in this thread. If you have an idea why your contribution might have been disallowed, that would help us too.

Thanks for your co-operation in advance! Without feedback we cannot correct the problems, after all, because we won't even know about them.
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